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Square 9 Professional Services

Project Management And Implementation Support For Square 9 Solutions

Square 9 has a long history of delivering content management solutions that fit tightly into a wide array of business applications. Document capture, business process management, web forms integration, sharing data with existing applications, image enabling virtually any Windows based solution, or content delivery through an integrated web portal, are just several of the ways a Square 9 solution helps organizations to maximize their return on investment.

Our technical support team, developers, and programmers are ready to implement the specific Square 9 solution that an organization has purchased. We handle the entire system implementation from start to finish, with the focus of the deployment primarily about configuring the product features requested by the client.

Workflow Assessments

Before you begin re-engineering your business processes, it’s critical to have a solid understanding of your objectives and all of the opportunities for improvement. By performing a workflow assessment you are ensuring that your goals are clearly understood and documented before the first change is made to your business process. Taking this time to sit down with trained professionals and align your objectives is an investment in planning that will pay dividends for years to come.

Virtual Data Partners offers Workflow Assessments as an independent project engagement that does not commit you to a single product or vendor. Instead, we work independently with your team to peel back the layers of your processes and identify anomalies or exceptions that might be overlooked otherwise. We then document all relevant concerns surrounding your process including:

  • Process Participants
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Security Protocols
  • Intended Flow of Information
  • Exceptions Handling
  • Integration Requirements
  • Opportunities for Process Enhancement

With the help of Virtual Data Partners you can be assured that your process automation project will be met with success and deliver your anticipated return on investment.


The ability to integrate effectively with your existing line of business applications delivers critical data and documents exactly where you need them. Regardless of the size of your business, the seamless flow of information is what drives organizational efficiency and a healthy bottom line. Virtual Data Partners is dedicated to delivering this level of value through existing solution integrations with products like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

Using your resources or ours, it’s easy to develop integrations that share data and documents across application boundaries. Many integration options are available that require no “development” at all. Power users and system admins are more than capable of handling a great many integration tasks in the Square 9 ecosystem. For “developer” level integrations, their are several examples with source code in a public GitHub repository ( For those without the resources to integrate on their own, our development team stands ready to assist in seamlessly integrating your critical business systems.

Square 9 also offers predefined integration packages for many common business products including SharePoint, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage 100, QuickBooks and more. Whether you are using a generic ERP solution like Dynamics GP, or an industry specific LOB application like ClaimLeader, Virtual Data Partners can deploy “off the shelf” software and services for dozens of applications.

Thank you so much for requesting a demo of our services. A member of our awesome team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to learning more about your business and your needs. Sincerely, Virtual Data Partners